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Justin Bieber surprises young Latina with Quinceañera wish on Live TV

Ashley is a young Latina who missed her Quinceanera because of Menangitis illness.

However, she received a big surprise visit that fulfillsed her dream of 3 years planning.

On Tuesday evening, July 28th @ 9pm, something magical happened.

Justin Bieber arrived at her door, picked her up, and gave her a full Quinceanera event (complete with dress) on TV's new live show, "Knock Knock".


Watch amazing video above:


About "Knock Knock":

Justin Bieber is making dreams come true – all with just a knock on the door.

The “Boyfriend” singer surprises two of his fans on Tuesday’s episode of “Knock Knock Live.”

Bieber's good deeds on Ryan Seacrest’s feel-good reality series include escorting a teen fan named Ashley to her quinceañera.

Bieber’s “Knock Knock Live” appearance comes just a day before he tweeted that a "big announcement" was slated for later this week.

"Knock Knock Live," Bieber’s episode aired Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.


Photos of July 28th:





Watch amazing video above!