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Half Like Me featuring Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal, the Daily Show writer who appears as the show’s “Señor Latino Correspondent,” was born to a Mexican father.

He also drives a Prius, lives in a cul-de-sac, and sends his kids to private school.

“There’s nothing whiter than that,” says Madrigal (full name: Alessandro Liborio Madrigal.)

So—prompted by a family reunion—Al decided to make up for those years spent assimilating by embarking on a quest to embrace his Latino side. Watch as he:
1. gets a lesson in pronouncing his own name from Univision’s Jorge Ramos, the “godfather of all Mexicans”
2. goes back to school to learn Spanish…from American elementary school kids
3. debates immigration policy with the leader of a border watchdog group
4. hits the mosh pit with Latino punks in South Central and worse.